St. James Episcopal School


Our Mission

Students at St. James Episcopal School develop outstanding academic skills

in a safe, nurturing, Christian environment.


For over 60 years now, St. James has been the leader in faith-based education in the Del Rio community – by providing a strong academic foundation and enriching environment. 


Our students are empowered to excel with Christ as their center.  Our educators teach with enthusiasm and joy! 


They nurture children socially, artistically, and emotionally – as well as instilling a love of learning.  


St. James students participate in community service projects that build a strong sense of civic responsibility. 

Playground Safety and Improvements ~ $25,000 (Edited Nov. 6, 2017)

We are reaching out to Alumni, Family, Friends, and Friends of Family to help us we a safer and more secure playground and campus environment. We are so grateful to those of you who have already donated to this worthy cause and this is a great starting point for us to make the necessary upgrades to our playground. Listed below are some specific areas where we will be making changes to create a more safe and secure area for our students to play. Only through the generosity of our alumni, families, friends, friends of families, and our community can our campus become a safer environment be accomplished. Please consider supporting this worthy endeavor.

  • Security fencing

  • Upgrades to the wooden playground structure

  • Metal shade cover for the basketball court

  • Security camera

  • Resurfacing of the ground cover

206 W. Greenwood St. |  P.O. Drawer 1129  |  Del Rio, Texas 78841-1129   |   830.775.7292


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